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01-Nov-2004 15:49

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since 04.04.2003


SCRAM is the software configuration, release, management and build tool chosen for the LCG Application Area projects.

All LCG software is compiled using SCRAM, as established by the LCG Software Development Policies.


What is the SCRAM LCG ToolBox?

The configuration tag looks like: LCG_xx (see Configuration file and Tools-cern.conf file for more information and last number)

Please check the LCG configuration release notes page to see the change of this and previous releases.

To post a bug about the SCRAM LCG ToolBox use the SPI savannah portal and choose the "SCRAM LCG ToolBox" category.

SCRAM User Documentation

Check the online manual for the latest release (V0_20_0) in HTML, PostScript, PDF

You can also read the online documentation for older versions: (V0_19_9, V0_19_8)

Release Notes

The latest release notes can be read by following this link

Local documentation

Documentation is included with every release, so just download the appropriate version of SCRAM and go to the "doc" directory

User Support on SCRAM

Recent news items can be found at the SCRAM Savannah site. The same place should be used for bug reports

Mailing lists

Useful Links

View the CVS tree of SCRAM and SCRAMToolBox

If you don't know what this means or did not find relevant information contact us.