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Quality Assurance 

Interactive QA report generation

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If you want a project added to the table above contact us.

Find the Web form here. Find the other QA reports here.

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Quality Assurance Motivation

The main goal of QA activity is to help projects assess and improve the quality of their software and procedures.
This means among others: 
  • verify if project setup is correct and compliant with LCG Application Area Policies
  • provide tools to collect useful software metrics which help to asses software quality; 
  • provide monitoring tools to see the evolution of the projects. 
By applying:
  • Clear rules and the checklist of assessed items is available here. This list is known in advance to projects. 
  • QA Reports are generated automatically by the tools and contain data and statistics about the project, so the reader may easily track the project evolution. 
  • Everybody who is interested may see (and generate) the report at any time for any release of any project. 
Related Documents:

Tools for Quality Assurance Reports

QA reports collect information about the projects from three different places:
  • AFS release tree i.e./afs/cern.ch/sw/lcg/app/releases/PROJECT/PROJECT_X_Y_Z -- checking the software which actually has been released (how to page ).
  • Project portal (savannah) -- checking what is the user activity (Bugs, Tasks, etc) on a given project (how to page ).
  • Test coverage -- assessing the percent of tested code line (how to page ).

Please, follow the instructions on HowTo pages above to produce QA reports.

Setting environment for QA tools: Setup the standard LCG environment.