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since 04.04.2003

Older SPI News

2 Dec 2004 Visualize the configuration of the LCG Application Software
21 Sep 2004 Savannah improvements
11 Jun 2004 Summary on SPI to the EGEE France meeting (11 Jun2004) presentation (PPT, PDF)
3 Jun 2004 GridPP meeting at CERN (3 Jun2004) presentation (PPT, PDF)
4 Feb 2004 Update of the Savannah service (13 Feb 2004) presentation (PPT, PDF)
4 Feb 2004 Migration of the CVS repositories (March 2004) to the IT CVS service (PPT, PDF)
13 Jan 2004 Published the updated LCG policies and LCG compiler options
7 Dec 2003 Registration for the Root course 3-5 Feb 2004.
10 Oct 2003 SPI material for the LCG App Area Internal Review 2003
23 Sep 2003 Added Software Download section
3 Sep 2003 Added Quality Assurance section
1 Sep 2003 SPI Workbook task-oriented documentation
23/09/2003 Added Software Download section
3/09/2003 Added Quality Assurance section
1/09/2003 SPI Workbook task-oriented documentation

Application Area Meeting SPI:Status and plan for H2 2003, QMtest testing framework


GridPP 7th Collaboration meeting: SPI Overview | Experts Panel | Testing


Software Development Policies and more. LCG Development Policies published

24/03/2003 CHEP 2003: Presentation SPI: Software Process and Infrastructure for LCG projects
4/03/2003 SPI Services Overview presentation focusing on what is available to projects outside LCG meeting hosted by Atlas
3/03/2003 New Software Testing web pages
12/02/2003 Presentation of the External Software Service. News and updates on the SPI projects
03/02/2003 SPI provides pre-installed tools on AFS, see the External Software Service
18/12/2002 SPI Services Overview presentation
05/12/2002 LCG SPI Project portal available
04/12/2002 Presentation: Project portal, and bug tracking


New SPI Index Page (please bookmark it)


Talk on Profiling by Rafi Yaari


talks: Code Documentation and Unit Testing


Service and Components descriptions


Presentation: LCG SPI Status