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01-Nov-2004 15:51

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since 04.04.2003

Software Testing


The purpose is to define the procedures, tools and methodologies that will be used to assure that several types of tests will be created and will evolve with the software developed within the LCG AppArea projects.
The aim, as is expressed in the document "Thoughts on Software Process - V1 (Apr 19 2002)", is that software testing will be an integral part of the software development process.

Sw-Testing Policies:

Software testing policies within LCG AppArea projects.

FrameWorks for Sw-Testing:

Currently four test-framework tools are provided as free software by the SPI External Software Service. These are: CppUnit and PyUnit for unit-tests, Oval which can cover from unit to validation tests, and QMTest which provides more than a gui interface to organize and run the tests. A set of HowTo documents listed below are available and can help with this tools.

Sw-Testing HowTo

Sw-Testing documentation and planning:

  • testplan_template.html.- The main purpose of this document is to define and schedule the testing process with all necessary resources (hardware, software and staff responsabilities). Under test leader responsability. (Examples: POOL)
  • testcase_template.html or test case specification is a specific set of steps and data along with the expected results for a particular test objective


If you need to report a bug or ask for support, please use the SPI Project Portal with the bug report system and support area.


Check here for the recent changes (16/09/2003).

More information:

Thoughts on Software process by T.Wenaus. Thoughts on policy, process methodology, software testing, iterative development.