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SPI - Software Process & Infrastructure

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since 04.04.2003


24 Aug 2006 Updated information on How to update a configuration. (internal)
7 Apr 2006 How to request a new AFS volume (for librarians of projects and contributors of external packages)
1 Mar 2006 Check the status of directories of the LCG AA projects of a given configuration.
2 Nov 2005 Check the configuration of the LCG AA projects and their dependencies.
31 Oct 2005 Proposed new version for configurations are now available from the SPI Wiki Librarian Issues page
6 Jul 2005 Major update of the SPI Wiki pages
30 Mar 2005 LCG Applications Area Internal Review: SPI talk and recommendations of the review board.

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Project Overview

The goal of the project SPI (Software Process & Infrastructure) is to provide to the development projects of the LCG:

  • basic environment for physics SW development
  • general scientific libraries and class libraries
  • software development tools
  • documentation tools and document templates
  • compiler expertise
  • support activity necessary to ensure that a common grid-enabled environment is available at all grid sites

The reason for the Software Process & Infrastructure project is to have consistency and homogeneity in the development of the different packages of the LCG Application Area.

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This page is now OBSOLETE. It is replaced by the SPI Twiki at: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/SPI/WebHome