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                           Minutes of the POOL meeting, CERN, 29.06.04
General News 

  The next POOL releases will be POOL 1.7 on Root3 (next week) and POOL 2.0 on Root4 (soon after SEAL release for Root4) will using gcc 3.2.3 (as for the SEAL).
WP Coordinators reports 

Ioannis reports that some small changes still required in the Persistency Service. Expect to be ready for a release by end of the week.  

Zhen has produced a stripped down version of the pool file catalog. We should discuss with SPI if this packaging could be done by them for each release.

Maria reported that EDG Catalog interface including the bulk operation support is ready for the edg-rls 2.2.7. The EDG-RLS client library will be upgraded to pick up a bug fix for a problem in the deletion of complete RLS entries (exception handling of meta data deletion). Symlinks of this library need to be corrected before POOL can use it. Not clear if tests and will be finished by end of the week -may need a few more days.

Kristo reported that a set of utility commandline tools wil be provided.

Giacomo noted that regression tests should be expanded to cover also the RDBMS based data as the relational abstraction layer will soon become available. Sasha will make a proposal for how to keep regression test data in the POOL mysql development server.

From the next release the docbook documentation will become the master copy. Older doc or pdf documentation should be moved until then and not further be updated. The split of the documentation into parts general component description and implementation specific docmentation has not been performed in several documents. Please



Contact:Maria Girone