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                           Minutes of the POOL meeting, CERN, 28.01.03
General News 

The meeting is chaired by Markus, in absence of Dirk.

No Collection WP status was presented.

Some concern was expressed by the POOL team about the limitations of having a unique SCRAM toolbox, though this is not a problem at present, given the small number of running projects. 
WP Coordinators reports 

Job list for release V4:

-- Improved handling of references:
   The current handling of references is unsatisfactory.
   We have now the idea how to handle references and
   the implementation will start soon.

-- Handling of complex persistent data types:
   To handle STL containers for persistency, it is necessary
   to obtain an improved description of the standard STL containers
   from the reflection interface.
   This description is not yet ready, but is supposed
   to be contained in the SEAL pre-release. This pre-release
   is supposed to happen around the 14th. of February.

1. The following FileCatalog command-line tools are now ready for all packages
    (already in the XMLCatalog repository, different naming).
      FCregisterPFN, FCregisterLFN, FCaddReplica, FCdeleteLFN,
      FCdeletePFN, FCclearUnsuccessful

    TODO: catalog lookup support. Interface changes are forseen for this

2. XMLCatalog has fully migrated to use the Xerces-2.1 interface

Code ready for task 1 and 2 are tagged as:


3. Jurg is prepairing a list of questions to the experiment to collect
   requirements on the FileCatalog component for LCG-1. Maria
   reported that Grid-Deployment-Group (GDG - Experiment Interface and Support
   session) are interested in joining this task as well. However, it's not clear to us if this task should be
   carried out on the scale of POOL or larger scale.

4. Jurg's list should be approved by the collection people since
    there's overlap regarding the file metadata. No news about it.

- SPI compliant release

  Issues still open:
  1) CVS structure
  2) Testing

  1) Main changes:
     - inside each component:
       folder for the interfaces (exposed to external user + other component):
            was pool -> will be component name.
       The migration requires some changes in the header statements + SCRAM configuration.
       Ioannis is going to provide the new configuration.
     - tests will contain a folder for each test case
       + common for the utility classes used in the test classes
       + cppunit for the unit tests
     - other changes

   2) Testing:
      - The testing suite based on CppUnit,Oval + valgrind has been delivered by SPI. It is integrated    with SCRAM.
        POOL developers web page will be updated soon with explanations + new links.
      - SPI consultant (Massimo, Manuel) will pass by to visit each component to help to migrate or    start-up with
        the new testing environment.

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