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                           Minutes of the POOL meeting, CERN, 24.02.04  
General News 

POOL ski outing done. A few pictures are on the web, at

The POOL draft work plan is being updated with the experiment's input.

The POOL 1.6 release is scheduled for end of next week (5th March)

WP Coordinators reports 

The new version of ROOT (pre-release 4.0 for developers) is being looked at. Will require some changes and also a careful migration plan.

In the SEAL dictionary the attribute names are alphabetically ordered. Should be resorted by offset ordering. Could be done either on the SEAL or POOL side. Will discuss with SEAL.

Investigate short term solution for handling of CLHEP matrices together with SEAL. ROOT 4.0 would fix the problem but is not expected to appear on a time scale suitable for the current data challanges.

 The interface has been changed for allowing client side wrapping for thread safety. Command line tools have been extended for deletion.

the Python interface is complete. The MySQL and XML Catalog implementations have been tested. The EDG one not yet.

FCBrowser will probably not be in the POOL 1.6 release. 

        The documentation will be soon available in the new template format.


The xml documentation template is out. It has been picked up by  the persistency and the data service. The other WPs (except the FC) should follow soon.

Building of the  POOL release on Windows without afs has been achieved. Investigating the use of the SPI provided distribution kit for local builds is underway.


 A pre-release of the ORACLE implementation is available. The web page has been set up. A  link will be add to the Persistency Framework POOL page.
The integration between POOL and Conditions DB is being addressed now.


Related LCG projects reports

          SEAL 1.4 release in progress.

Contact:Maria Girone