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                           Minutes of the POOL meeting, CERN, 23.09.03
General News 

POOL will be present at the Karlsruhe Grid School, Monday 29 September - Wednesday 1st October. There will be 90 minutes lectures, plus hands-on tutorials. Tutorials are being done and are available from the our web page.

The Data Service external review is scheduled for this week, 24th-26th September. Everybody who is interested can join.

POOL will have a longer cycle release, this time, to improve testing and documentation. A release at the end of October (POOL_1_4_0) is therefore aimed for; new but not yet stable SEAL features (such as the component model) will be addressed in POOL_1_5_0.

There will be two POOL related talks at tomorrow's AAM: MySQL Collections and POOL integration within the Atlas framework.

WP Coordinators reports 
Dictionary entries not needed for transient data elements anymore. Examples for custom reference handlers. Relational storage service news: simple data have been stored in Oracle. Reader part not ready. 

Plan for the next release: mainly cleanup and bug fixes. They need to be prioritized in the Storage Manager Meeting, this Friday.

Clarify with the cms integrators if/how the File Catalog could be hidden by the Persistency Service. Dirk and Kuba will follow it up and inform the File Catalog WP.

Metadata schema evolution plus internal physical filenames attribute clean up has been done. Schema operations and catalog import are in separate transactions. 

There will be a talk tomorrow at the AAM, by David, on MySQL Collections. Performance issues will be addressed, as well.  
QA report outcome: user documentation and practice for creating test cases corresponding bug fixes are strongly recommended. 

QM testing: information is available on SPI pages. POOL will pick it up as soon as it is a policy (expected to be agreed on in the next AF meeting).

Data format regression testing should start asap. POOL will propose to SPI on how to organize it.  

Related LCG projects reports
          EDG-RLS release 2.1.x is ready for testing. POOL will pick it up once validation has been achieved.
Contact:Maria Girone