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                           Minutes of the POOL meeting, CERN, 18.05.04  
General News 

Tim, Carmine and Jakub left POOL for other projects - Thanks to all of them for their contributions!

Holiday's - Please send your vacation plans so that we can provide some support coverage over summer.

Also please make sure that experiment people working with POOL are sign up to the pool developers email list so that they stay informed about POOL meetings.

CHEP04 - Three abstracts have been sumitted. The proposed speakers are:

Ioannis - for POOL new developments

Giacomo - for POOL experiment integration

Maria - for POOL DC experiences
WP Coordinators reports 

- oracle and SQLight back ends available

- ODBC (including mysql ) in progress

- Root4:  waiting for a POOL test release with ROOT 4 - need to ask for a toolbox

- Root 4 migration plan, to be presented in an AAM


File Catalog

Support request for complex queries fixed

Relational file catalog prototype (RAL based) tested - some of the semantics seems to have changed (meta data can not be exchanged). Zhen will look together with Ioannis into the details


no report


Related LCG projects reports

Contact:Dirk Duellmann