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                           Minutes of the POOL meeting, CERN, 11.03.03
General News 

Developers should use the Savannah task list to describe the main targets of the incoming releases.
Reharsals for CHEP will be scheduled for next week.
WP Coordinators reports 

     Job list for release V5:
-- DataSvc:
            Resolve issue about the ownership of objects in the data cache.
  1) Post Mortem for the POOL release 0.4.0

  - Achieved / Improved:
       - Released with minor delay (not entirely our responsibility)
       - Integrated with the SEAL releases using SCRAM
       - SPI compliance wherever possible (directories, include directives, etc)
       - Examples and tests part of the release.
       - Development against internal/public releases.
       - Proper handling of the binary output (libraries, tests, examples).
       - Proper handling of the compiler versions (to be tested for more than one platforms).
       - Removing of the uneccessary dependencies (include dirs)
         at compile time.
       - Acceptable update of the design and user documents (at all levels).
       - Meeting most requirements for the Storage Manager and the File Catalog components.

  - Not achieved:
       - Coherent unit/integration/system testing (still weak validation process)
       - Meeting the functional requirements for the Collections.
       - Enough tests for exercising the new functionality.

  - Need to address (lessons learned):
       - Further collaboration with SEAL for agreing to the mechanism of automatic dictionary generation.
       - Building the release:
          - Proper handling of the reference output of the executables, tests (for the validation process).
       - Developing and preparing a new public release:
          - Algorithm defining coherent sets of tags for testing.
          - Validation criteria for any candidate release (tests, documents).
          - Both need collaboration with SPI.
       - Release Plan, Test Plan, AAD:
          - Current scheleton of the Release Plan needs elaboration.
          - Needs connection to the (non-existing) test plan and the (non-existing) high-level ADD.
       - Design/Code reviews:
          - Standard procedure after every major public release?

2) Schedule for next releases:
       - Tue 18/3  0.5.0 : implementation the proposed changes from the code/design review.
       - Fri 28/3  0.6.0 (or 0.5.1) : Bug fixes, first integration with the developments in Collections.
       - Tue 29/4  1.0.0 : POOL functionally completed (for LCG-1).

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