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                           Minutes of the POOL meeting, CERN, 09.09.03
General News 

POOL_1_3_0 is aimed to be released by the end of the week.
WP Coordinators reports 

A few more bug fixes  in the Storage and Persistency Svc,  for the CMS PCP. Also worked on tests .

RDBMS proof of concept prototype from our Indian colleagues is progressing well. There is already a test in our repository.

 The Data Svc code has been cleaned up. Will go in the new release. A draft outline has been sent out to experiments and waiting for feedback.

 Pending question for experiments to clarify whether there is a file pre-registration use case. CMS doesn't need it. The other experiments need to be contacted.

Composite catalogs will be most likely implemented in POOL_1_4_0, metadata schema evolution will be in higher priority, though.

 Performance tests on MySQL Collections have been repeated. Kuba preliminary results are confirmed. A Collection meeting will be called soon.
Testing: comparison between Vanilla ROOT and POOL numbers will be soon available.
POOL  has been integrated  with  SEAL 1.1.0.

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