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                           Minutes of the POOL meeting, CERN, 09.03.04  
General News 

SPI proposed to move the cvs repository. The move is scheduled for Thursday 11.03. A proposal for cleaning up the obsolete directories will be circulated shortly.

Dirk will present the draft work plan at the AAM of tomorrow.

Our colleagues from CAT, India, are here. A presentation at one of the next AAM will be given on the results of their Storage RDBMS layer prototype.

WP Coordinators reports 

A bug on vectors or lists re-sizing is being corrected. It will go in the bug fix release. 

All basic functionality of composite catalogs is in POOL_1_6_0 is there. Need to address now more complicated semantics for metadata handling. The composite catalogs have been already used by CMS. The doc document has been updated and is on the web. It will be cut-pasted soon in the new template format.

DocBook documentation has been updated. Not much response to request for experiments contacts yet. A Collection WP meeting will be scheduled for later this week.

The release 1.6 will be announced today. The linux build took ~3 hours while the windows build needed ~24 hours because of AFS related problems.  

The documentation is basically all released in the new template format. The user guide also updated.


Conditions DB

The work plan draft has been prepared and will be included soon in the Persistency Project Workplan. 

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