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                           Minutes of the POOL meeting, CERN, 06.05.03
General News 
- POOL v1.0 schedule

  - code freeze has passed
  - only bugfixes expected until the end of the week
  - all commited tests (but one?) are executed and seem to work
   - more test to come in the file catalog and collection area
   - expected release date is Friday
   - assuming that documentation updates are finished

- POOL policies for tagging and tests will be discussed in the next Achitects Forum meeting for being adapted to all LCG   application area projects.

- An abtract is being sent for general POOL talk to Euro Physics in Aachen - very similar to the CHEP abtract
-  POOL will propose AAM talks about:
  -- POOL V1.0 release + schema evelution agreement with ROOT
  -- POOL FC questionare outcome and proposed LCG-1 use model
  -- POOL collections - two models implemented
   -- mysql collections and hierarchical collections polling for input on

  - several valid proposal have been made for the storage manager
  - need to understand polymorphic collection issue
    -> next storage manager meeting
    -> people CMS should be notified (via an announcement)

WP Coordinators reports 

     Significant progress thanks to Jacek, Kuba, Helmut and Ioannis
   - release this week seems possible now
   - typed collections in place
   - attribute list proposal picked up and by now implemented in both collections and file catalog
   - attribute list still need doxygen documentation
   - Test programs are beeing converted
   -  Kristo should contact Jacek about examples and could jump in converting  the remaining tests
   - Examples will soon be updated
   -  Attribute list component description and workbook will be updated soon
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