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                           Minutes of the POOL meeting, CERN, 03.06.03
General News 
There will be two POOL related talks tomorrow at the AAM.
 - Bill report on CMS POOL integration
 - Maria giving a talk about file catalog questionaere and proposed use of POOL in LCG-1
Please look here for more infomation.

Ioannis, Zhen and  Markus  will be the POOL-experiment link persons for ATLAS, CMS and LHCb respectively. They should always be cc when there's an exchange of emails between members of the POOL team and the experiments.

Nightly build system:
Should come up with a one page initial proposal for a definition of packages, tags and tests together with NICOS people.
This should (together with the CVS of course) allow remote people to do a build and validate. we can then deploy this service for crosscheck builds, regression test, etc.

V1.1 planning
- pre-release with c++/update functionality 11th (next week)
- final external package list installed and toolbox tagged by 16th
- package code freeze by Mo 23rd June (Storage Service and File Catalog a bit earlier please)
- aim at V1.1 release for end of June (Mo 30th)

Bugs/ Support / Tasks will be reviewed at each meeting

!! POOL  BBQ scheduled for 17 June (after next POOL meeting)!!
  - Place: Salle de La Chenaille (ALEPH pit), Echenevex
  - all developers and their families/friends invited
  - please let Dirk  know asap if and roughly how many people will come
WP Coordinators reports 

  - An explicit ROOT implementation of hierarchical collections  using the POOL attribute list package is expected within
        the next week or so (Helmut)
  - PersistencySvc now has the functionality required to support  implicit collections; implicit collections should be available
        within a week (Ioannis)
  - Additional examples (including update and rollback) will  be committed in the coming days (Kristo)
  - Support for more compact references via link tables in explicit collections is on the task list, but has not yet
    been addressed
Related LCG projects reports
     - web server alias works
     - need to revise web pages and remove machine dependent urls      -  SEAL release 0.3.1 will be out at the end of the week
Contact:Maria Girone