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PI_1_3_3-UltraLite+HBook available

What is PI-UltraLite+HBook ?

PI UltraLite+HBook is a minimalized distribution of the s/w produced by the LCG AA PI project (http://cern.ch/pi). The functionality is limited to creating AIDA histograms, AIDA tuples and AIDA DataPointSets, manipulate these objects in memory and storing/ retrieving them in (compressed) XML format (".aida" files) or HBook format. No other storage is provided, the in-memory representation is "native".

How to install it on my machine ?

Installing the UltraLite+HBook is easy : Download the tarball for the platform you need from the list below, untar it in a separate directory, then set up an environment variable named PI_DIR to point to this directory.

There is also a (somewhat larger) version available which includes a python script for merging (and converting) histograms. This version is called "Lite", you need to have Python 2.3. installed on your machine if you want to use these features. Download this from:

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