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PI_1_3_2-UltraLite+HBook available

What is PI-UltraLite+HBook ?

PI UltraLite+HBook is a minimalized distribution of the s/w produced by the LCG AA PI project (http://cern.ch/pi). The functionality is limited to creating AIDA histograms, AIDA tuples and AIDA DataPointSets, manipulate these objects in memory and storing/ retrieving them in (compressed) XML format (".aida" files) or HBook format. No other storage is provided, the in-memory representation is "native".

How to install it on my machine ?

Installing the UltraLite+HBook is easy : Download the tarball for the platform you need from the list below, untar it in a separate directory, then set up an environment variable named PI_DIR to point to this directory.

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