PI_1_2_1-lite available

What is PI-lite ?

PI_1_2_1-lite is a version of PI 1.2.1 with still the full functionality but without the documentation, debug libs and the test executables in the tar-ball. Also the test-environments (valgrind, oval, ...) are not downloaded at installation time and the used version of SEAL (1.3.4) has also been "stripped down" to considerable lower download times and disk usage.

How to install PI-lite on my machine ?

Installing PI_1_2_1-lite is as easy as installing PI_1_2_1. The full documentation on how to do this is available on this SPI web page.

Quick instructions

On the machine where you want to install the software download the installation script, then make it executable and run the following commands:

chmod +x ./lcg-installation-manager.py
./lcg-installation-manager.py --project=PI_1_2_1-lite --arch=rh73_gcc32 --prefix=${HOME}/sw/lcg download
(feel free to replace /$HOME/sw/lcg with the path where you want to install it).

After download and installation, you have to add the following to your PATH variable:

setenv PATH "${HOME}/sw/lcg/app/releases/PI/PI_1_2_1-lite/rh73_gcc32/bin:${PATH}"
or, if you use sh/bash:
export PATH=${HOME}/sw/lcg/app/releases/PI/PI_1_2_1-lite/rh73_gcc32/bin:${PATH}
This will make sure that the "aida-config" command is found when you are using it in your makefiles.

You probably want to add this to your setup or login script ...

That's it !! :-)

Last modified: Tue Jul 27 18:58:04 CEST 2004