Getting Started with PI

This is not inteded to be a SCRAM, gmake, C++, Root tutorial. For those, please refer to the SPI documentation or directly to that of the various products.

The very first steps

If you are at CERN typing the following few lines should compile and link all PI C++ examples.
source /afs/
scram project PI PI_1_3_0
cd PI_1_3_0/src
mkdir Workspace
cd Workspace
cp /afs/* .
scram b bin
eval `scram runtime -csh`

at this point you may execute exa4 that will produce a file named exa4.root ready to be inspected using root.

For instance, start root and type

TFile f("exa4.root")
to display the 2D histogram obtained as XY projection of the 3D.

Contact: Vincenzo Innocente