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2005/12/20: PI_1_3_12 released (release notes)
PI_1.3.12-UltraLite+HBook and PI_1.3.12-Lite are available.
2005/09/24: PI_1_3_6 released (release notes)
PI_1.3.6-UltraLite+HBook and PI_1.3.6-Lite are available.
2005/07/28: PI_1_3_5 released (release notes)
PI_1.3.5-UltraLite+HBook and PI_1.3.5-Lite are available.
2005/05/19: PI_1_3_3 released (release notes)
PI_1.3.3-UltraLite+HBook and PI_1.3.3-Lite are available.
2005/04/15: PI_1_3_2 released (release notes)
PI_1.3.2-UltraLite+HBook is available.
2005/04/11: PI_1_3_1 released (release notes)
2005/02/23: PI_1_3_0 released (release notes)
PI_1.3.0-UltraLite+HBook is available.

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