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This is a collection of notes, reports, documentation, major talks etc. for the applications area. It is intended for documents originating in applications area work. If you have something to add, contact Pere Mato.

CERN-LCGAPP-2008-02 MC-TESTER v. 1.23: a universal tool for comparisons of Monte Carlo predictions for particle decays in high energy physics, N. Davidson et al. (ps, pdf) 2008/12/16
CERN-LCGAPP-2008-01 Hadronic shower shapes studies in Geant4: Update, A. Ribon et al. (ps, pdf) 2008/11/21
CERN-LCGAPP-2007-04 A Brief Introduction to PYTHIA 8.1, T. Sjostrand (pdf) 2007/10/23
CERN-LCGAPP-2007-03 A Brief Introduction to PYTHIA 8.080, T. Sjostrand (pdf) 2007/03/22
CERN-LCGAPP-2007-02 Hadronic Shower Shape Studies in Geant4, A. Ribon et al.  (ps, pdf) 2007/03/22
CERN-LCGAPP-2007-01 Third Benchmark Study for Validation of Hadronic Physics Simulations at LHC: Inclusive Charged Pion Production in Hadron-Nucleus Interactions at 100 and 320 GeV/c, A. Ribon ( ps, pdf) 2007/03/02
CERN-LCGAPP-2006-08 Proposal for the Migration of the SEAL Functionality, P. Mato (pdf) 2006/11/29
CERN-LCGAPP-2006-07 The final report of the Applications Area internal review 2006 (word, pdf ) 2006/11/24
CERN-LCGAPP-2006-06 Monte Carlo Generators, 2006 CERN Summer School, T. Sjostrand 2006/11/13
CERN-LCGAPP-2006-05 Applications area quarterly report, Jul-Sep  2006 2006/10/15
CERN-LCGAPP-2006-04 Applications area quarterly report, Apr-Jun  2006 2006/07/15
CERN-LCGAPP-2006-03 A standard format for Les Houches Event Files, T. Sjostrand 2006/09/04
CERN-LCGAPP-2006-02 Applications area quarterly report, Jan-Mar 2006 2006/04/21
CERN-LCGAPP-2006-01 Applications area quarterly report, Oct-Dec 2005 2006/01/30
CERN-LCGAPP-2005-07 Function Minimization, Andrew McLennan (word, pdf) 2005/10/04
CERN-LCGAPP-2005-06 LCG Applications Area Plans for Phase 2, P. Mato (ed.)  (word, pdf) 2005/09/27
CERN-LCGAPP-2005-05 A brief Introduction to PYTHIA 8.040 , T. Sjostrand 2005/07/24
CERN-LCGAPP-2005-04 Applications area quarterly report, Jan-Mar 2005 2005/04/30
CERN-LCGAPP-2005-03 The final report of the Applications Area internal review 2005 (word, pdf ) 2005/04/27
CERN-LCGAPP-2005-02 Geant4 simulation production in LHC experiments, J. Apostolakis 2005/03/23
CERN-LCGAPP-2005-01 Applications area quarterly report, Oct-Dec 2004 2005/03/18
CERN-LCGAPP-2004-11 In-Flight Pion Absorption: Second Benchmark Study for the Validation of Hadronic Physics Simulation at the LHC, Witold Pokorski 2004/12/16
CERN-LCGAPP-2004-10 Geant4 hadronic physics validation with LHC test-beam data: first conclusions, F. Gianotti et al 2004/07/26
CERN-LCGAPP-2004-09 Validation of Geant4 and Fluka Hadronic Physics with Pixel Test-Beam Data, A. Ribon 2004/06/17
CERN-LCGAPP-2004-08 SPI program of work 2004H1, A. Aimar et al. 2004/04/13
CERN-LCGAPP-2004-07 Applications area quarterly report, Jan-Mar 2004 2004/04/14
CERN-LCGAPP-2004-06 POOL/ConditionsDB program of work 2004, D. Duellmann et al. Word, PDF 2004/04/05
CERN-LCGAPP-2004-05 SEAL program of work 2004, P. Mato et al. Word, PDF 2004/03/04
CERN-LCGAPP-2004-04 Applications area internal review response Word, PDF 2004/03/09
CERN-LCGAPP-2004-03 Applications area quarterly report, Oct-Dec 2003 2004/01/28
CERN-LCGAPP-2004-02 Simulation physics requirements from the LHC experiments, F. Gianotti et al. 2004/03/15
CERN-LCGAPP-2004-01 Proposal for an LCG Monte Carlo Database, Lev Dudko et al 2004/01/14
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-19 Proposal for a C++ MATHLIB, Rene Brun 2003/11/21
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-18 (p,xn) Production Cross Sections: A Benchmark Study for the Validation of Hadronic Physics Simulation at LHC, Juerg Beringer 2004/03/09
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-17 Simplest Validation of the HIJING Monte Carlo Model, Vladimir Uzhinsky (hep-ph/0312089) 2003/12/05
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-16 Applications area internal review report 2003 2003/11/12
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-15 PI review of AIDA 2003/10/08
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-14 Applications area quarterly report Jul-Sep 2003 2003/09/30
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-13 SPI workplan 2003 H2 2003/07/18
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-12 Evaluation of Python/C++ interfacing packages (SEAL) 2003/07/12
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-11 Applications area quarterly report Apr-Jun 2003 2003/07/12
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-10 Applications area report to the LHCC, T. Wenaus 2003/05/22
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-09 Physics analysis at LHC: A wish list for grid computing (V1.2), J. Beringer 2003/09/17
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-08 Proposal to bring conditions DB into applications area scope, P. Mato 2003/05/15
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-07 Applications area risk analysis, T. Wenaus 2003/04/29
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-06 Applications area quarterly report Jan-Mar 2003 2003/04/16
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-05 Simulation Project overview and plan, T. Wenaus et al 2003/03/19
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-04 POOL 2003 workplan, D. Duellmann 2003/03/05
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-03 PI project proposal to SC2, V. Innocente 2003/01/29
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-02 Applications area quarterly report Oct-Dec 2002 2003/01/27
CERN-LCGAPP-2003-01 SEAL project plan, P. Mato et al 2003/01/10
CERN-LCGAPP-2002-14 The LHC Software and the ROOT Framework, R. Brun (seminar) 2002/11/07
CERN-LCGAPP-2002-13 An architectural blueprint for the common LHC physics application software, T. Wenaus (seminar) 2002/11/06
CERN-LCGAPP-2002-12 Second SCRAM/CMT evaluation report, T. Wenaus 2002/12/04
CERN-LCGAPP-2002-11 Applications area quarterly report Mar-Sep 2002 2002/12/03
CERN-LCGAPP-2002-10 Applications area project plan V1, T. Wenaus et al 2002/11/26
CERN-LCGAPP-2002-09 Architecture Blueprint RTAG report 2002/10/11
CERN-LCGAPP-2002-08 SPI workplan, A. Aimar et al 2002/10/11
CERN-LCGAPP-2002-07 Architecture Blueprint resources spreadsheet 2002/10/11
CERN-LCGAPP-2002-06 First SCRAM/CMT evaluation report, I. Osborne and A. Undrus 2002/08/08
CERN-LCGAPP-2002-05 POOL 2002 project plan, D. Duellmann et al 2002/08/02
CERN-LCGAPP-2002-04 Proposal for architect participation, T. Wenaus 2002/04/05
CERN-LCGAPP-2002-03 Thoughts on software process, T. Wenaus 2002/04/05
CERN-LCGAPP-2002-02 LCG applications area summary, LCG launch week, J. Harvey 2002/03/15
CERN-LCGAPP-2002-01 LCG applications area talk, LCG launch week, T. Wenaus 2002/03/12

Contact: Pere Mato