AF meeting 19th June 2014


Fabritzio Furano [replacing Micolo], John Harvey, Pere Mato, John Harvey, Rolf Seuster, Marco Clemencic, Gerri Ganis, Marco Cattaneo, Gulio Eulisse


Gabriele Cosmo, Andrea Valassi, Benedikt Hegner, Markus Elsing, Nicolo Magini, Federico Carminati

Agenda (in indico)

version 1 (20/06/2014 @ 9:00)

Action Items

Line Management Issues (John)

Report from the LIM meeting (Benedikt)

News from Projects

Experiments Feedback


  [1] HEP-SPEC discussion
A new HEP-SPEC 14 is in preparation. AF and LIM have been asked if the following compiler switches are still state of the art:
We agreed for dropping "-m32" and keeping the rest unaltered. However, we are interested in the HEP-SPEC approach to vectorization.
In addition, it would be beneficial if the performance suite would allow replacing gcc by clang to give experiments a chance to do some measurements themselves.