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$Date: 2004/07/06 14:56:50 $

SealZip: Foundation Compression Library

SealZip  is a foundation library containing utility classes for compression I/O and producing archive files

SealZip Classes

Here is a list of the class present in SealIOTools with links to the Doxygen reference documentation and to examples of usage. More examples on the usage of SealZip can be found looking at the tests present in the repository.


Compression Utility classes

* Compressor Abstract base class for a compression engine
* Decompressor Abstract base class for a decompression engine
* InteractiveCompressor Interactive (piece-wise) compressor adaptor Example
* InteractiveDecompressor Interactive (piece-wise) decompressor adaptor Example
* BZCompressor BZIP compressor engine Example
* BZDecompressor BZIP decompressor engine Example
* ZCompressor ZLIB compressor engine Example
* ZDecompressor ZLIB decompressor engine Example
Compress Stream I/O
* CompressOutputStream Compressing FilterOutputStream
* DecompressInputStream Decompressing FilterInputStream
* BZIPInputStream BZIP-decompressing FilterInputStream Example
* BZIPOutputStream BZIP-compressing FilterOutputStream Example
* ZInputStream ZLIB-decompressing FilterInputStream Example
* ZOutputStream ZLIB-compressing FilterOutputStream Example
* GZIPInputStream GZIP-decompressing FilterInputStream Example
* GZIPOutputStream GZIP-compressing FilterOutputStream Example
Archive Files
* CPIOInputStream CPIO archive FilterInputStream reader Example
* CPIOOutputStream CPIO archive FilterOutputStream writer Example
* CPIOMember Member of a CPIO archive Example
* TarInputStream TAR archive FilterInputStream reader Example
* TarOutputStream TAR archive FilterOutputStream writer Example
* TarMember Member of a TAR archive Example
* ZipInputStream ZIP archive FilterInputStream reader Example
* ZipOutputStream ZIP archive FilterOutputStream writer Example
* ZipMember Member of a ZIP archive Example
* ZipArchive Random-access ZIP archive using a Storage Example

Data validation utility classes

* Digest Abstract base class for a digest generator
* MD5Digest MD5 (RFC 1321) message digest Example
* SHA1Digest SHA1 (RFC 3174) message digest Example
* Checksum Abstract base class for a checksum generator
* Adler32 Adler-32 checksum generator Example
* CRC32 CRC-32 checksum generator Example
* CheckedInputStream Checksumming FilterInputStream Example
* CheckedOutputStream Checksumming FilterOutputStream Example

Contact: Lassi A. Tuura