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$Date: 2004/07/06 11:17:34 $

SealIOTools: Foundation I/O Library

SealIOTools  is a foundation library containing utility classes for stream oriented I/O.

Here is a list of the class present in SealIOTools with links to the Doxygen reference documentation and to some examples of usage.

Abstractions and utilities
* InputStream Abstract byte input stream
* OutputStream Abstract byte output stream
* FilterInputStream Abstract filter input stream Example
* FilterOutputStream Abstract filter output stream Example
* CustomStreamBuf Help for std::streambuf-derived types
* PushBackBuffer Utility for read buffers with push-back capability
* ReadBuffer Utility for bare read buffers
* ReadWriteBuffer Utility for combined read/write buffers with push-back
* WriteBuffer Utility for bare write buffers
* BufferInputStream Input stream filter that buffers reads Example
* BufferOutputStream Output stream filter that buffers writes Example
* PushBackInputStream Input stream filter with push-back capability Example
* PipedInputStream Pair of streams connected by a pipe Example
* PipedOutputStream Pair of streams connected by a pipe Example
* StorageInputStream Input stream that reads from a Storage Example
* StorageOutputStream Output stream that writes into a Storage Example
* IOChannelInputStream Input stream bridge to IOChannel Example
* IOChannelOutputStream Output stream bridge to IOChannel Example
* IOChannelStreamBuf std::streambuf bridge to IOChannel
* InputStreamBuf std::streambuf bridge to InputStream
* OutputStreamBuf std::streambuf bridge to OutputStream
* MemoryStorage In-memory buffer implementation of Storage Example
* StdInputStream Input stream bridge to std::istream Example
* StdOutputStream Output stream bridge to std::ostream Example
* StdStorage Storage bridge to std::iostream Example
* StdioStorage Storage bridge to C STDIO "FILE *" Example
* StorageStreamBuf std::streambuf bridge to a Storage


Examples of Usage

Examples on the usage of SealIOTools can be found looking at the tests present in the repository.

Contact: Lassi A. Tuura