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General Information

The LCG Dictionary is an attempt to provide introspection (reflection) functionality to the standard  C++. The Refection package provides the reflection API to  the dictionary information.   The package ReflectionBuilder is used to build at run-time the dictionary information in memory. The command lcgdict (based on gcc_xml) is available to generated the ReflectionBuilder code directly from C++ header files.

A new version of the Reflection library called Reflex is released in parallel. This new version is closer to the ISO/IEC 14882 standard and shall replace the Reflection and ReflectionBuilder libraries in the future

Current clients of the LCG dictionary are: POOL (gateway for CINT), PyLCGDict (python binding to Reflection).


Dictionary/Reflex The new version of the Reflection library (containing Builder and API)
Dictionary/Reflection Reflection API to the LCG Dictionary (read)
Dictionary/ReflectionBuilder API for building the LCG Dictionary (write)
Dictionary/DictionaryGenerator Dictionary generator from C++ header files
Dictionary/CMSExample Example using the some CMS event classes
Dictionary/SealDict Dictionary of the Reflection classes
Dictionary/SealSTL Dictionary for a selected number of STL classes
Dictionary/SealCLHEP Dictionary for the CLHEP classes
Dictionary/SealROOT Dictionary for a number of ROOT classes

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