Old news


2007/12/03:Atlas Online DB meeting (talks about DbProxy, COOL BLOBs, ACE, DBExplorer)
2007/11/26:WLCG Service Reliability Workshop
2007/11/19:LHCC Computing Review (LCG Management Board calendar)
2007/11/13:COOL_2_2_2 production release
2007/11/01:COOL milestone review for the 2007Q3 AA quarterly report (htm, pdf, xls)
2007/10/22:Atlas software week (DB operations talk, conditions DB talk, DbProxy talk)
2007/10/11:COOL_2_2_1 production release
2007/09/24:Atlas online DB meeting (CORAL development plans talk)
2007/09/10:NEC 2007 in Varna, Bulgaria (3D and COOL talk)
2007/09/03:CHEP 2007 in Victoria, Canada (COOL status talk, COOL performance poster)
2007/07/26:COOL milestone review for the 2007Q2 AA quarterly report (htm, pdf, xls)
2007/07/13:COOL_2_2_0 production release
2007/06/28:Database session of the Atlas Software Week
2007/06/04:COOL payload query discussion at the Atlas Online Database Meeting
2007/05/07:INFN Computing Workshop (ConditionsDB deployment talk)
2007/04/16:COOL_2_1_1 production release
2007/04/03:COOL milestone review for the 2007Q1 AA quarterly report (htm, pdf, xls)
2007/03/24:COOL_2_1_0 production release (getting started - using CMT)
2007/02/21:LCG AA meeting (COOL status talk)
2007/01/31:COOL_2_0_0 production release (getting started - using SCRAM)
2007/01/29:Move of the lxplus.cern.ch alias from 32-bit SLC3 to 64-bit SLC4 (announcement)
2007/01/26:WLCG Database Mini-Workshop (COOL status talk, COOL test talk)
2007/01/22:WLCG Collaboration Workshop (COOL deployment talks)
2007/01/17:COOL_1_3_4 production release
2007/01/11:COOL milestone review for the 2006Q4 AA quarterly report (htm, pdf, xls)


2006/11/22:CNAF Tier1/Tier2 Cloud Workshop (COOL replication talk)
2006/10/31:COOL_1_3_3c production release
2006/10/17:COOL_1_3_3b production release
2006/09/29:COOL_1_3_3a production release
2006/09/18:LCG AA Internal Review (Persistency Framework Supporting Documents)
2006/09/15:LCG Service Challenge Technical Meeting
2006/09/13:3D Workshop
2006/09/04:LHC Detector Alignment Workshop
2006/09/01:CNL article about the LCG Persistency Framework
2006/08/28:COOL_1_3_3 production release
2006/07/12:COOL_1_3_2c production release
2006/07/07:IT Post-C5 presentations about CORAL, POOL and COOL
2006/06/28:LCG Status Report at 83rd LHCC meeting (agenda)
2006/06/26:3D Status Report at LCG-LHCC Referees Meeting (agenda)
2006/06/22:3D meeting - Atlas and LHCb plans for 3D tests (agenda)
2006/06/19:COOL_1_3_2b production release
2006/06/12:WLCG Tier2 Workshop (agenda: calibration/alignment talks, LCG AA talks)
2006/06/14:LCG AA meeting (agenda: Mac OSX support talk, CORAL talk)
2006/05/16:COOL_1_3_2a production release
2006/05/12:COOL_1_3_2 production release
2006/05/11:3D meeting - Atlas calibration centers (agenda)
2006/04/25:COOL_1_3_1 production release
2006/04/06:COOL_1_3_0 production release
2006/03/17:COOL_1_2_9 production release
2006/02/13:CHEP06 in Mumbai, India (COOL status talk, COOL performance poster)
2006/02/13:SC4 Workshop in Mumbai, India (3D and COOL talks)
2006/02/06:LCG Database Readiness Workshop (agenda)
2006/01/30:COOL_1_2_8 production release
2006/01/18:COOL_1_2_7 production release


2005/11/15:COOL_1_2_6 production release
2005/10/25:COOL_1_2_5 production release
2005/10/17:LCG Database Deployment Workshop (agenda)
2005/09/28:COOL_1_2_4 production release
2005/09/27:Application Area Program of Work for LCG Phase 2
2005/09/07:Application Area Meeting presentations about COOL
2005/08/29:COOL_1_2_3 production release
2005/08/22:COOL Users' Guide (draft!)
2005/07/27:COOL_1_2_2 production release
2005/07/20:COOL_1_2_1 production release
2005/06/28:COOL_1_2_0 production release
2005/05/31:COOL_1_1_0 production release
2005/05/25:COOL presentation at the LHCb software week
2005/05/10:COOL_1_0_2 production release
2005/05/02:Migration to the new CVS repository cool.cvs.cern.ch
2005/05/02:LCG AA Internal Review Final Report (doc, pdf)
2005/04/25:COOL_1_0_1 production release
2005/04/22:COOL_1_0_0 production release
2005/03/30:LCG AA Internal Review (COOL docs, presentation, reviewers' feedback)
2005/03/04:COOL_0_1_0-pre2 internal pre-release with versioning/tagging
2005/02/22:COOL_0_0_3-pre2 internal pre-release with Windows support
2005/02/22:COOL_0_0_3-pre1 internal pre-release
2005/01/24:Database Workshop for LHC Offline/Online Developers (agenda)


2004/12/13:LCG Distributed Database Deployment Project Kick-off Workshop (agenda)
2004/10/13:Application Area Meeting talks (A.Valassi, A.Amorim)
2004/09/29:CHEP2004 talks (A.Amorim, A.Valassi, I.Gaponenko), posters (D.Klose, D.Klose)
2004/07/22:CONDDB_0_2_0 public release (with common API package; see release notes)
2004/07/21:CondDBOracle relational schema review (message, doc)
2004/06/07:Hierarchical Versioning proposal (message, doc)
2004/07/20:LCG Distributed Database Deployment Project proposal to PEB (agenda, slides)
2004/05/27:ATLAS Software Workshop (agenda)
2004/05/06:CONDDB_0_1_1 public release (with CondDBOracle/gcc3.2; see release notes)
2004/04/22: CONDDB_0_1_0 public release (release notes)
2004/03/25: CONDDB_0_1_0-pre1 internal release (release notes)
2004/03/25: Migration to the CVS service for LCG (more information)
2004/03/23: CONDDB_0_0_0-pre3 internal release (release notes)
2004/03/22: Conditions Database Status Report (D. Duellmann) at the LHCC (slides)
2004/02/24: CMS Database Workshop (agenda)
2004/02/23: CONDDB_0_0_0-pre2 internal release (release notes)
2004/01/28: Conditions Database Workshop Report (A. Valassi) at the AAM (agenda)
2004/01/28: CONDDB_0_0_0-pre1 internal release (release notes)


2003/12/08: Conditions Database Workshop (agenda)

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