tag namev0.6 (c4dd2bd914fa8e14e34e4275d316877b88a6f6d3)
tag date2014-04-24 09:45:01 +0200
tagged byDaniel Funke <>
tagged objectcommit 73faba0b0a...
GaudiHive release v0.6 (2014-04-22)
Changes: Scheduling + Graph-based decision making unit for execution flow management: o unified control and data flow handling o predictive Data Flow management o new traversal strategy of the Control Flow graph realm o use via the useUnifiedFlowManager option of ForwardSchedulerSvc Data object tracking + declaration of inputs and outputs via declareInput/declareOutput in Algorithms and Tools - deprecation of declareDataObj Tool tracking + declaration of used Tools via declarePrivateTool/declarePublicTool TimelineSvc (beta) + timeline of the execution of algorithms keeping track of used event context (slot) and thread o Algorithms and Tools of MiniBrunel workflow adapted to new declaration scheme o see GaudiExamples/src/AlgTools/MyGaudiAlgorithm for example of tool declaration o see GaudiExamples/src/POOLIO/ReadHandleAlg or WriteHandleAlg for data handle usage