tag namev0.5 (86c9c194fbfe916a727b8b3b50abd3cea8526991)
tag date2013-06-28 11:30:37 +0200
tagged byDanilo Piparo <>
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Release Notes:
Please refer to this link for the full information about previous releases: o Merge of changes in Gaudiv23r8 o More documentation o Coding rules respected o Improved output in case of misbehaviours (e.g. stalls) o Correct handling of failed events o Gcc47 compilation possible o AlgContextSvc treated with the help of thread local storage o Fix for configurables bug: o Deprecate declaration of dependencies as list of lists for the scheduler o Number of events in flight taken directly from the whiteboard o Remove hardcoded "/Event/" prefix from the dataflow manager. Get it from IDataManagerSvc interface